Our Promise

A Simple Partnership

We receive a 10% tithe on course revenues, book, and media sales. You keep your royalties. You keep your rights. We’re happy to have your quality content in the Sanahalili Marketplace.

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Our Process for General Publishing

Open to all members

  • Submit your content for review
  • Wait 3-5 business days for approval
  • Sign Agreement (See Terms)
  • Content goes to graphic design, marketing, and editing
  • Content is added to our store
  • Use your dashboard to track sales and receive payment

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Why Publish With Us?

Sanahalili Press is the perfect marketplace for consumers looking for content in the spiritual and metaphysical arts and sciences. We are optimized to attract people in this market as well as the health and wellness field. Our content creators want:
  • Direct access to specific markets looking for their content
  • Maintain all rights and royalties
  • Avoid the hassles of self-publishing
  • Collaboration with other like-minded creators
  • A high-quality, engaging platform to distribute their content

We are not a vanity publisher. In a world of noise, we want to curate compelling, informative content. We have a high standard of excellence and engagement for the content we distribute. All creators must submit their content for review.

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