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Every monastery needs a good library...

The Printing Press at Sanahalili cordially invites you to share your earned wisdom with an audience eager to hear from you. Whether you prefer to express yourself via the written word, video, or sound healing, we would be honored to sell your work in our marketplace.

Your creative work can earn income and help someone else learn something new about themselves and their spiritual path.


income with through content sales in our marketplace.


your work with a market hungry for your perspective.


your craft by publishing with a quality institution.


with like-minded storytellers, writers, and creators.

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The Press provides a technical and sales platform to help you publish your work to as many buyers as possible. Not only will your work be available to our community of knowledge seekers, but we will also publish the work to Amazon Books and KDP publishing.
Simply submit your work for review. Once it is approved you can manage sales from all the platforms right from your personal dashboard at Sanahalili.

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